About the Club

The objectives of the CIub are:

  • To promote the English Springer Spaniel breed in the state of Victoria, protecting rigorously the breed type, look and attributes first articulated by the breed’s founders and still recognised as proper type in the breed’s country of origin.
  • To promote ethical standards of breeding, rearing, keeping and sale of the English Springer Spaniel breed in the state of Victoria
  • To engage in any other activities that may promote or encourage interest in the breeding, upkeep, training and general wellbeing and improvement of the English Springer Spaniel breed or further the objectives of the club.

The club had its origins in 1969 when a group of enthusiastic Springer owners decided to form a club. The club affiliated with the Kennel Control Council (forerunner of Dogs Victoria) in 1970. The Club’s foundation President was Mrs Val Coulter and its patron was Mr J.G.W. Head, then President of the KCC and a well-known All Breeds Judge.

The English Springer Spaniel Club of Victoria Inc has been running Championship Shows continuously since 1973. Pictured below at the inaugural championship show are the in-show award winners and the judge, Mr J G W Head.

Current club activities include the holding of a championship show each year, publication of a regular newsletter, the conducting of field trials and social events.  All owners and admirers of the breed are welcome to join.